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Smartstore FAQ


General Help

Where can I send suggestions to?
My question has still not been answeredI have a problem with, what should I do?
What is Smartstore?

How do I open an account?
How do I update my account information, incl shipping address, email address?
What should I do if I forgot my login password?


Product Information


Can I purchase your items from your premises directly ?
Will your electrical product work in my country?
What is Factory Refurbished?
How do I find out more technical information on your items?
How can I follow your products?

How do I find a product?
What should I do if I found the item received is not exactly what was described when
I placed the order ?
Why are your prices so low?

Can you reserve an item for me?



How do I place an order?
How do I get my Tax invoice?
Can I cancel or change my order once the order is confirmed?
Why would all the items in my shopping cart no longer become available when I check out?
Why would my order be cancelled when I prepare to pay for my order?
How do I check my order status?
Where can I find my previous orders record?
Why do I receive a different item to what I have ordered?
What happens if the item I wish to order is out of stock?

Can I purchase a single item from a wholesale carton lot?
Where can I change my payment method?



What payment methods do you accept?
How does Paypal work?
Can I pay with my bank card or credit card?
How long do I have until I have to pay for my order?
Do your prices include GST?
Is Lay-by available?
What happens if I do not have a credit card?
Is your site safe for using credit card?
How long does it take to confirm my payment?

There is a Coupon code field in the checkout page, what is it and how can I get one?

Shipping & Delivery

When will you ship out my order?
Which courier do you use?
Where can I track my order?
Why do I receive a different item with what I have ordered?
What should I do if my item arrived with missing parts?
Are parcels covered by transit insurance?
Do you deliver to anywhere within Australia?
Do you ship internationally?
Do you provide combine shipping service?
Can you ship my item by express post?
Can I or my own courier pick up my order from your warehouse?
What happens if I am not at home when the courier delivers my orders?
What happens if I do not receive my order in the estimated delivery date?
Can you ship my order to my PO BOX address?
How do I change the shipping address?






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